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Horizons Curriculum

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Horizons Curriculum

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Horizons Curriculum

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Prices are controlled by the publisher. Horizons Curriculum is a brightly illustrated, engaging workbook curriculum filled with consumable lessons and hands-on activities. Designed with fast-paced lessons, this Christian homeschool curriculum uses a spiral learning method to help your student master concepts through the process of introduction, review, and reinforcement. This learning method allows students to quickly grasp difficult concepts in a colorful, motivating format. Available in grades PreK-12, Horizons Curriculum has a precise curriculum structure and six core subjects, plus the preschool course.A best-selling Christian homeschool curriculum, Horizons Curriculum is well-known for its captivating content, appealing activities, and solid results. Your student will love encouraging workbooks with removable pages; parents will love easy-to-use teacher's guides with must-have daily planners, lesson schedules, and clear objectives. This Christian homeschool curriculum is based on the Bible and integrates scripture and Christian living into all subjects. Perfect for hands-on learning, Horizons is a winning combination of fun, entertainment, and academic success.



  • Preschool for Three's

    Horizons Preschool for Three's

  • Preschool

    Horizons Preschool

  • Kindergarten

    Horizons Kindergarten

  • 1st Grade

    Horizons 1st Grade

  • 2nd Grade

    Horizons 2nd Grade

  • 3rd Grade

    Horizons 3rd Grade

  • 4th Grade

    Horizons 4th Grade

  • 5th Grade

    Horizons Fifth Grade

  • 6th Grade

    Horizons Sixth Grade

  • 7th Grade

    Horizons Seventh Grade

  • 8th Grade

    Horizons Eighth Grade

  • 9th Grade

    Horizons Ninth Grade

  • 10th Grade

    Horizons Tenth Grade

  • 11th Grade

    Horizons Eleventh Grade

  • 12th Grade

    Horizons Twelfth Grade

  • Physical Education

    Horizons Physical Education

  • Health

    Horizons Health

  • Math

    Horizons MathHorizons Math, for grades K-8, is a well-balanced, organized approach for teaching primary math skills and algebraic concepts. Composed of manipulatives, memorization, and drill, Horizons Math follows a deliberate pattern of introduction and gradual development to ensure student success. Fundamental concepts previously obtained in earlier units are reviewed in subsequent grade levels for true mastery. The goal of Horizons Math is for your student to develop solid math reasoning skills and learn to apply these skills to real-life situations. The major themes covered in this Christian homeschool curriculum are Numbers, Order, and Value; Addition and Subtraction; Ratios, Measurement, and Decimals; Fractions and Comparison; Equations, Colors, and Geometry; Graphs, Estimation, and Solving; Multiplication and Division; Linear and Quadratic Equations; Radical Expressions; Monomials and Polynomials; and Functions.


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