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Time-tested and easy to teach, LIFEPAC uses a worktext format specifically designed for parents who want a pre-developed curriculum with integrated lesson plans.

Bible BasedBible-based
With Bible verses from the King James Version and biblical content that promotes a Christian worldview, LIFEPAC encourages critical thinking skills that promote and strengthen a student's faith in Christ.


Affordably priced, LIFEPAC lets students receive a Christian homeschool curriculum at a fraction of the price of regular textbooks and workbooks. Plus, multiple purchasing options let LIFEPAC users order only the materials they need.


LIFEPAC allows students to work at their own pace to master material before moving to new concepts. This flexibility allows students to spend more time where needed and gives parents the ability to homeschool multiple children of different ages with individual academic programs.


Unlike heavy textbooks, LIFEPAC's compact design is popular with busy homeschooling families on the go. These light worktexts can easily be included on field trips, vacations, doctor appointments, and more.


Teacher FriendlyTeacher-friendly
Integrated lesson plans in LIFEPAC follow the curriculum and give parents the freedom to tutor, grade, and encourage their student without having to create the educational design. Clear objectives and built-in reviews make mastery of the materials worry-free, and student placement into the curriculum is easy with LIFEPAC's diagnostic tests. In addition, the teacher's guides come complete with practical teaching tips, suggested activities, and answer keys.


Up To DateUp-to-date
Developed by hundreds of authors, editors, and designers, LIFEPAC is the culmination of over 30 years of creative experience. However, Alpha Omega Publications realizes that education is an ongoing endeavor that requires resources to be continually improved. That's why since 1996, more than 650 LIFEPAC titles have been revised and redesigned to give students an up-to-date, enriching learning experience.