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Horizons Features

Horizons is a brightly illustrated workbook curriculum that is teacher-directed and features a winning combination of fun, entertainment, and academic success.

Christian WorldviewChristian Worldview
Horizons courses support a Christian worldview that complements parents in their biblical teaching. Several of the courses integrate Scripture verses directly into the lessons. Horizons Preschool uniquely uses the Bible to present a Christian worldview through all academic studies.

Colorful CurriculumColorful Curriculum
Eye-catching graphics and illustrations make the student material visually appealing and keep students excited to learn.

Effective Spiral LearningEffective Spiral Learning
Horizons Language Arts and Math use a spiral learning method that helps students master concepts through a natural process of introduction, review, and reinforcement. As students are introduced to new concepts and review material from previous lessons, they stay excited about learning while growing academically.

Engaging LessonsEngaging Lessons
Students using Horizons curriculum find the hands-on lessons interesting and exciting. Much of the student material is filled with colorful illustrations that complement the activities to help students understand concepts.

In-depth Teacher's GuidesIn-depth Teacher's Guides
Step-by-step lesson plans in Horizons teacher's guides minimize preparation time and provide more than just answer keys. Fool-proof teaching tips, defined lesson goals, activity suggestions, recommended materials lists, and additional review sheets make teaching easier and allow parents to plan and provide structure to each lesson.

Learning ManipulativesLearning Manipulatives
A handy list of suggested activities and inexpensive materials help students better visualize the application of principles with hands-on learning.